Richer Perspectives – Stronger Foundation

Corporate leaders would traditionally see energy use as a cost and, more recently, a source of carbon emissions accountability. But better decisions will be made and better direction provided when those leaders have been exposed to much broader and even contrarian ways of seeing energy use. Energy-use Strategy Advisors can provide the exposure a senior leader needs to make that shift.


Strategic Aspects by Choice, Not by Chance

Energy use has always had engineering and technology aspects, as well as middle management aspects. But today energy use also has serious strategic aspects. Failing to have a formal, written energy-use strategy is not in anyone’s best interest, so Energy-use Strategy Advisors gets that document done.


Energy-use Maturity – Revealing Opportunities

Once strategic direction is determined, CEOs invariably want to know where the opportunities and risks lie. They also want progress reports. The maturity model is a well-established approach. It has proven ideal for this part of the journey, providing a rich and highly granular view.