Even a cursory assessment of a company’s energy affairs will show countless ways that those energy affairs are already impacting:


      • its reputation
      • its ESG score
      • its ability to win customers
      • its success at attracting talent

        • its competitive ranking
        • its finances
        • its government relations
        • even its license to operate

When business leaders ask hard questions about their company’s level of mastery over its energy affairs, three particular gaps can come into focus:


  • Do we (board, C-suite, other decision makers) have the knowledge and perspective we need to provide the right guidance and leadership?

  • Does our company have a high-level, long time horizon plan (a strategy) that makes it clear what we are going to do and not do?

  • Do we know how well we are doing compared to last year, compared to an ideal, and compared to our competitors?

Strategy is the rare and precious skill of staying one step ahead of the need to be efficient. Jules Goddard

ESA provides a suite of services to members of boards and C-suites and to other business decision makers. Building on over twenty-five years in this field, ESA services focus on these three areas:

Knowledge Level-up

There are at least twenty facets of a company’s energy affairs that need to be understood. More than half of them have only emerged in the last few years. ESA offers board seminars, strategy scoping workshops, one-on-one energy affairs coaching, and other learning opportunities to bring decision makers up to speed.

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Strategy Formulation

Company strategy teams can often run with the job of writing an energy-use strategy once they have access to the necessary domain expertise. ESA provides that expertise. Or a more complete 4-Step Energy-use Strategy Development service is available where that is preferred.

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Periodic Assessment

Knowing “how we are doing” is invaluable in many domains. Corporate energy affairs is no exception. ESA’s proprietary assessment tool gives boards and C-suites an investment-grade reply to that question.

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